The 32nd ICSSP(2019)

The 32nd ICSSP(2019) & Kunming

The 31th ICOPG(2018)

The 31th ICOPG(2018) & Qingdao

THE 22TH CSSP(2018)

THE 22TH CSSP(2018) & Chongqing

The 21th CSSP(2017)

The 21th CSSP(2017)&Qingdao

The 7th CPLC(2017)

The 7th CPLC(2017)&Qingdao

The 25th Canada Business Visits

The 25th Canada Business Visits(AGLOOK Delegation)

The 20th CSSP(2017)

The 20th CSSP(2017)&Qingdao

The 6th CPLC (2016)

The 6th CPLC (2016)&Qingdao