The 14th Africa business visits

The 14th Africa business visits(AGLOOK delegation)

The 13th India business visits

The 13th India business visits(AGLOOK delegation)

The 3rd CPLC(2013)

The 3rd CPLC(2013)&Qingdao Shandong China

the 1st Gold Sesame Predicting Competition(2013)

The awarded corporation representative mien of the First Gold Sesame Predicting Competition.\r\n

The 13th CSPCC(2013)

The 13th CSPCC(2013)&Rizhao Shandong China

Canada business visits

Canada business visits in Saskatchewan

The 11th Africa Business Visits

Africa Business Visits(AGLOOK delegation)

The 12th CCSSP(2013)

The 12th CCSSP(2013)&Tianjing China